About us

From the Sea to the Skin

At PHYTOMER we believe in the sea and in the infinite possibilities of the natural ingredients found in its depths.
We believe the sea’s boundless generosity demands our respect.

We believe in everyone’s right to beauty, and that skincare is of paramount importance.

We believe in the science of cosmetic formulation. We believe that safety and high performance go hand-in-hand. That quality is our duty and our calling. That true pleasure is only found in an environment of trust and respect.

And because we believe, we create, for you and for thousands of spa professionals worldwide.

Our Family History

We develop quality treatments...Made in Brittany, France.

At PHYTOMER, three generations of passionate skincare experts have all had the same dream: to find ways to transform the sea into skincare. Our family-run company remains profoundly attached to our region, Brittany, and its incredible biodiversity.

We develop and manufacture all our products in our laboratories on the Mont Saint-Michel Bay (in Brittany) using natural, organic, wild, and sustainably-grown marine ingredients.

We oversee every step of the production process in our facilities, from the moment an active marine ingredient is discovered right up to manufacturing the final product. Throughout, our standards meet the most stringent requirements in the world for safety and quality

Beauty by the sea

We believe in the exceptional benefits of the sea.

The sea’s incredible biodiversity makes it the richest in vital elements on Earth. Moreover, the sea has an extraordinary affinity with our skin’s cells and it contains everything needed to restore and maintain healthy, beautiful skin. PHYTOMER turns the sea into skincare formulas and treatments that are renowned for their effectiveness.

In 1972, PHYTOMER pioneered sea-inspired beauty products when we introduced OLIGOMER®. Our extraordinary sea water concentrate was a worldwide first in skincare with its power to remineralize and revitalize the skin. OLIGOMER® strengthens and energizes the skin by restoring its trace elements and minerals.

This active ingredient remains an integral part of the PHYTOMER skincare line, which means everyone, everywhere, from seaside to city streets, can enjoy the incredible skincare benefits the sea has to offer.


We create safe products that deliver outstanding results.

Our world-renowned laboratories and our research team of marine skincare experts lie at the heart of our expertise. The team unlocks the sea’s secrets in order to extract its most potent natural active molecules…and discover the beauty solutions of tomorrow.

The ingredients we use are carefully selected to ensure safe, high-performance products that are a pleasure to apply. Skin health has always been our top priority when formulating our products and we never use dangerous substances.

We formulate all the primary marine ingredients we use ourselves, then incorporate them into delicately textured products that are intensely soothing and pleasant to use. We infuse them with natural, eco-friendly, active components that protect the skin, so that beauty resonates with well-being.


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